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Ok, but really: what is hair loss?

Ever want to just know the why?

Me too. 

Hair loss causes; proven hair loss solutions

Just your friendly neighborhood

Retailers would have you believe that hair loss is the same as hair shedding (spoiler: it's not) and there are only a few causes to hair loss.


Here's what the science says:

What is DHT and how does it relate to hair loss?


"My grows faster than most"


"My hair grows faster in winter than summer"

(partial myth)

Now you know

Still look like a few causes?

As you can see, there are a wide variety of contributors to hair loss, which is why your path at JPS starts so rigorously. The full programs must start with the three scans in order to ensure the best possible program can be built. Body chemistry plays a major role in being able to do that. 

Many Faces of Alopecia - Website.png
Hair loss scales

Pattern loss scales 

Norwood Scale

male pattern: 

recession from hairline

Ludwig Scale

female pattern

recession from part


  • amount of hair per square inch

  • measured during HairCheck in consultation

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