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Hair Solutions

You don't know what you don't know

Does this sound familiar?

You've noticed more-than-usual thinning and you're concerned. 

You message your primary care physician (PCP) for help.

Your PCP has no answers and refers you to a dermatologist. 

The dermatologist tells you it's genetic and prescribes you a product with Minoxidil.

No instructions. No follow-up. Nothing.

You use the Minoxidil and it seems to be working!

Then you kinda slack off, then stop using it all together.

Four months later, your hair is falling out again and the cycle repeats.


Sound about right? Well...not anymore. At Jess Poynter Solutions (JPS), you will be educated, informed, heard and supported. The Hair Consultation at JPS utilizes a three-prong scan system to determine your specific needs:


  • Subdermal Hair Check: measures hair loss, hair breakage, and response to products and treatments

  • Trichoscopy: using a capillascope, determine any superficial factors contributing to loss

  • Genetic Testing to determine:

    • Vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and fatty acid levels

    • Toxin exposures

    • Food & additive sensitivities

You don't have to live with fine and thinning hair. 

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