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Services and Scans

Hair scan


Your scalp has a lot of information hidden in it. During your comprehensive hair consultation, the scoping of your scalp, both subdermal and superficial, provides an overview summary of your "soil" (scalp)  

DBA support with JPS


After going through your initial comprehensive consult, we will work together to devise a program for you. To ensure compliance and results, all first-time program enrollees will have to commit to a 12-month program.** Every subsequent year's program will be evaluated based on support. 

**not covered by insurance

Genetic testing

Genetic Testing

Hair loss can be a challenging and confusing experience. Maybe you're not ready for the full commitment. Genetic testing is available (out of pocket) to offer some information without going the full program route. All results can be combined to create supplements for you and your body chemistry. 

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