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About Jess Poynter Solutions (JPS)

The crossroads to your DBA

Our Hair Clinic

Jess Poynter Solutions aims to declutter your mind when it comes to hair loss. For too long too much cryptic information (largely MISinformation) has been thrown at you. Instead of feeling knowledgeable and empowered, you're left confused and stressed.


Not the case at JPS.


JPS works with you to holistically regrow your own hair, and hopefully bring more confidence and fun to your life. Every possible solution for your specific case will be presented so you can decide what suits you and your needs best.



JPS is located in Bothell, WA, less than 30 minutes from downtown Seattle. The clinic offers subdermal hair checks to assess the health of your hair and scalp, full-service hair consultations, hair recovery programs customized to you and your needs, and non-damaging artificial hair support.

Support can also be provided remotely. 

Please contact Jess directly ( for more information. 

Jess Poynter

Jess is a certified trichologist and cosmetologist, dedicated to providing her clients with the most impactful results possible and the least amount of "schedule invasiveness."

Jess Poynter | trichologist | cosmetologist | Bothell, WA
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